In many ways, an extensive remodel can be more difficult than building a new home. We take great care to understand the existing conditions and plan accordingly to make sure there are no surprises when construction begins. Let Cross Construction transform your vision into a home that reflects your needs and values.

At Cross Construction we pride ourselves on providing a professional approach to every project. With experience building some of San Diego’s largest projects, our management team is focused on bringing a sophisticated level of execution to residential and small to mid-size commercial projects. From detailed estimates to critical path schedules, our team knows Project Management. We utilize the latest project management software to keep you informed on your project’s progress on your schedule. Our goal is to provide you with a seamless experience through superior execution to deliver your project with the highest quality, on time and on budget.

Project Consultation

The true foundation of any Cross Project begins with listening… to you, the client. During our initial consultation, we work with you to understand your vision, style, needs and desires for your project. This allows us to tailor our approach from the onset. We clearly outline the project concept as you envisioned, determine any budget and/or schedule constraints, as well as establish your preferences for involvement. Setting the proper expectations of communication is crucial at this phase.


We have long-standing relationships with respected local architects, landscape designers and interior designers with varying styles and price points. Once we understand your vision, we will recommend the firm(s) that best fits your project. During the Design phase, we work closely together with the project team to reduce costs, improve quality and uncover those defining details that make your project uniquely yours. This is where your project begins to take shape.


We seek to layout the full scope of work for the project before we move into actual construction. This minimizes the chance of any costly surprises later on in the process. This phase is where we finalize the exact project budget and schedule once all the design concepts have been sorted out. We conduct a final constructability review to make sure there are no conditions that would prevent us building what is shown on the plans. We also review multiple bids to finalize the budget. Lastly, we carefully conduct a scope review to assure you that we have accounted for every aspect of your project.


This is the reason we are here – the phase we love the most and the opportunity for you to see your Cross Construction Experience come together. During the Construction phase, our dedicated field team will be on site each day scheduling daily work, coordinating material deliveries, ensuring site safety and making sure we are building the quality you expect. Given the complexity of this phase and the time sensitive nature of the work, we will be communicating with you frequently to provide you with critical updates, alert you to changing site conditions and get your approval as we reach critical milestones.

Project Close Out

Technically, a project is complete when the city conducts the final inspection and provides the Certificate of Occupancy. However, as part of the Cross Construction Experience, a project is only complete when you are 100% satisfied with the work and every item on the final punch list has been completed. During close out, we conduct a final walk through with you to instruct you on how to operate any equipment associated with your project, care for any special materials, as well as to identify any items that you feel need attention. Again, our goal is 100% satisfaction with our process, people and, of course, the finished project, so trust in our promise to you and build with confidence.

Contact Us

Have questions about an idea or a dream build you’d like to see happen? This is what we do. If you have a construction project that needs the kind of expertise, trust and attention you deserve, then contact us today. Whether it’s an estimate, a bid, or questions about capabilities and past builds, we’d love to hear from you and find a way to make your dream something to come home to.