Serving San Diego County since 1987, Cross Construction is dedicated to providing the finest experience to our clients. Our deep industry relationships, experienced team and exceptional customer service make us one of San Diego’s most trusted and reputable construction and maintenance companies. This combined with our financial strength provide our clients with the confidence that their projects will be built and managed with excellence.


Founded by Presley N. Cross in 1987, Cross Construction has been proudly serving San Diego with their signature brand of excellence for over 30 years. Mr. Cross began modestly as a carpenter and built the company one project at a time. He believed his value was in the quality of his work and the ironclad promise of his word. With each successfully completed project, his reputation for quality workmanship and customer service carried farther and farther.

As the decades passed, Mr. Cross proudly grew to be one of the most trusted builders in North County San Diego. Leading the firm through both good and bad markets, Mr. Cross has never lost sight of the most important aspect of the business – customer service.

In 2017, after thirty successful years, Mr. Cross passed the torch and sold the company to a new generation of experienced builders. And while Cross Construction is growing quickly and is stronger than ever, the focus of the company remains the same – to deliver quality workmanship on every project and an unparalleled customer experience for every client.

Our Values

Our values are what define us. They guide our approach and the quality of our work.
We stand by these values and strive to enact them every day.
We learn from them.
We live them.

We are transparent. We don’t hide from the truth and we absolutely do not conceal it. We are honest with our clients as we are with our fellow team members. Most importantly, we are honest with ourselves.

There is always news to be shared every day. We always keep each other informed regardless of the impact on the team or client. The only bad news is no news.

Whether it’s a phone call, an email or a text, we answer promptly. To be truly effective as a team, we are there for each other when called upon. We aren’t slow to react. We are always within reach.

The details of our work matter. We don’t gloss over our work. We want to know every aspect and angle, so we don’t miss anything because what we miss will be noticed and will affect others.

We own our work. We own our mistakes. We take charge when the situation demands it, and we take corrective actions when necessary.

Indecision is the paralysis of good judgment. We are analytical at all times. When decisions are required, we take in all the facts available, consult when possible, and make balanced decisions based on those facts. We don’t guess. We don’t second-guess. We don’t flounder.

We can always do better; in fact, we demand it. We have not earned our reputation by doing work that’s merely good enough. We take pride in our work and always push ourselves and those around us to be better.

We have vision and are willing to use it. We aren’t in the business of building temporary. We build quality that will last lifetimes. That’s why every decision we make must always be aimed at quality, performance and longevity.

Our reputation is built on trust with our clients, our partners, our vendors and our team. It’s our currency. We do not break trust, and we work extraordinarily hard to remain a trusted partner through every project from start to finish.

We’re here for a reason – we love what we do and we want to enjoy ourselves at work with others who feel the same. It’s in our attitude, it is how we radiate positivity out to our clients and it shows in our work.

Contact us

Have questions about an idea or a dream build you’d like to see happen? This is what we do. If you have a construction project that needs the kind of expertise, trust and attention you deserve, then contact us today. Whether it’s an estimate, a bid, or questions about capabilities and past builds, we’d love to hear from you and find a way to make your dream something to come home to.